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Join the conference on Adobe’s Twitch channel March 15th, 16th, and 17th for exclusive content from industry leaders on Experience Design. UX and UI designers will share their knowledge and creative process, creating user interfaces live with Photoshop CC and Project Comet.

Experience Design Online Conference Schedule (3/15-17)

All times are Pacific Time (PST). Use this online time zone converter to find the right times for your region.

Every morning, Paul Trani and Michael Chaize will teach you the basics of Experience Design with Project Comet. Comet product managers will also be on set to answers questions in the live chat. Anyone can participate in the XD Creative Jam! Paul will unveil the theme Tuesday, March 15th, at 9am PST. Once he does, you’ll be able to share your prototypes on social media. Icing on the cake? Everyone will have a chance to win Creative Cloud subscriptions! Follow us on Twitch where we’ll reveal the details.

10am to 11:30am – Experience Design Process with Travis Neilson

Travis Neison is an Interaction Designer at Google, and hosts DevTips – one of the most popular web design and development channels on YouTube. He also co-hosts the podcast Late Nights with Trav and Los and writes weekly articles about thriving in the creative industry called “Notes.” Join him every day at 10am PST as he unveils his creative process. From sketches on paper to interactive prototypes with Project Comet, Travis will cover everything user experience designers need to know.

11:30am to 1pm – The World of Experience Design with Ashley Karr

Ashley Karr is a lead UX designer at General Assembly and is recognized as one of the top Experience Design instructors. Join her to discover the world of XD as she works on a case study using Project Comet for the first time.

1pm to 2pm – The Adobe Design Game Show

The Adobe Design Game Show is hosted by Paul Trani and Michael Chaize. Everyday, two designers will be invited to go head to head on the basics of Design: color theory, user interface, compositing and typography. As a viewer, you can join in on the Twitch chat at 1pm to vote for your favorite competitor for the chance to win a prize.

2pm to 4pm – Screen Design with Creative Grenade

Join Travis Howell and Evan Eckard, the core designers of Creative Grenade. They already host a popular show on Twitch, but this time, they will be live from the Adobe office, and they will include Project Comet in their workflow. Creative Grenade is the leading creative agency for the gaming industry.

4pm to 6pm – Live XD Collaboration with Digital Telepathy + special guests

Two UX designers, Jessica Moon and Dan Trenkner, from the agency Digital Telepathy will get 90 minutes a day to design an app that solves a common problem. Join these talented designers to understand how they collaborate, using Photoshop CC and Project Comet. A UX design expert will also share industry knowledge while they work.

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