Le projet Comet, disponible début 2016, est un nouvel outil de création wireframesmaquettes graphiques et prototypes, avec live preview sur smartphone, tablette et desktop. Bien entendu les mockups créés avec COMET seront interactifs et animés…


Introducing Project Comet : a new tool for designing and prototyping user experiences

Design and prototype websites and mobile apps faster than ever with Project Comet, the first all-in-one solution for UX designers. Coming in early 2016 from Adobe.

  • A tool specifically built for UX design, with the quality and stability
  • To reduce the friction that comes from working with multiple tools to design and prototype
  • A really fast experience to handle designs for an ever-growing set of devices and screens
  • The ability to design, prototype and iterate quickly
  • Fast, reliable and realistic design previews on devices

You can take advantage of vector drawing tools for rapid design and layout, make interactive prototypes, and preview them in real-time on a device. Because design and prototyping is in one tool, you won’t waste time or re-do any work when you want to make changes.

Adobe built Comet as a native application using the latest rendering technology and hardware compositing techniques. One of the benefits of being part of Creative Cloud is the ability to leverage Adobe’s CreativeSync technology. You’ll be able to take advantage of any existing Photoshop or Illustrator asset by bringing them directly into Comet, and move seamlessly between tools to undertake specific tasks like bitmap editing in Photoshop or complex vector editing in Illustrator.


User Interface Design vs. User Experience Design

“Simply put, user interfaces are kind of tactical, while user experience is strategic,” says Khoi Vinh, the Principal Designer at Adobe and former Design Director for the New York Times.

Essentially, user interface refers to all the working parts. A UI designer must factor in what size to make a button, where it will be placed, how it will look and how a user will interact with it. A UX designer, Vinh says, will ask the strategic questions about how users and businesses engage the functions to accomplish their goals. They will execute the flow of how a user gets from point a to point b, and it is this total end-to-end interaction that truly sets the two apart. UX could be considered the psychology of design, but there’s an art to it too.

“If you think about painting, there’s your painting technique like how your brush hits the canvas and how you mix the paint, and then there’s the composition,” Vinh says. “I think they’re both integral.”


Evolution of UX

UX design is a relatively new discipline, but the principal of the human experience and how we interact with a space dates back centuries, some say as far back as Leonardo da Vinci.

Da Vinci was commissioned to design a kitchen for a feast hosted by the Duke of Milan. He designed and implemented a system of conveyor belts and sprinkler systems and while it didn’t go as planned—the system was unpredictable and the sprinklers went off and ruined some of the food—his approach to art and technology, as well as to prototyping, continues to inspire UX designers today.

The term UX as we know it was first introduced as a job title in 1995, when Don Norman joined Apple as, upon his request, a “User Experience Architect.” The author of the best-selling book The Design of Every Day Things, Norman is considered a pioneer in user experience. He was thinking about the communication between humans and tools long before he published the text in 1988.

Norman’s later work looked more at the “emotion of design” and he called on designers to consider the personality and emotions of both the designs and the people navigating the experience. At 79, he continues to write, research, speak to and advise on the psychology of user experience.

Project Comet — arriving in 2016


comet-1 comet-2

Take your UX designs from start to finish with the cross-platform app that lets you do it all — wireframing, visual design, interaction design, prototyping, previewing and sharing. And because it’s built from the ground up, Comet delivers innovative tools and breakthrough performance to help you design in record time.

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