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AppFactory Android

  • Added an amazing kiosk based on Aquafadas Store Model : Next Gen Kiosk.



  • Improved database performances.
  • Updated to google play services 7.5.0.
  • Updated Chinese translation.
  • Improved refresh of download progression.


  • Fixed crash when the reader starts and load Annotations.
  • Fixed a crash occurring in gallery enrichment.
  • Fixed a crash occurring with action goToReflow.
  • Fixed a crash occurring in Webview enrichment.
  • Fixed a crash occurring in Popup enrichment.
  • Fixed a crash on issue’s persistence.
  • Improved Share feature in reflow.
  • Send page name on reflow stats.


  • Hide subscription view, when there are only free subscription (for Amazon).
  • Fixed wrong German language code (German translation is available now).
  • Fixed duplicate item in settings view.
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