Aquafadas is one of the most powerful program for digital publishing. Among the new features of the plugin, it’s possible now for the reader to take a snapshot of each page, and especially for social-sharing directly with Facebook and Twitter.

Aquafadas Clipping Feature TutoIt is finally the possibility to share the content of a digital publishing !

How does it work?

First, be sure to have the 3.5.5 version of the plugin. Next, in the Project Manager panel, chose the Project Settings :

Aquafadas Clipping Feature Tuto

Select AVE, and Menu Bar settings. It is a little known function yet to totally customize the publishing menu bar, and especially to add different great features. Very few tools allow such flexibility,
such customization at the limit of the SDK.

Aquafadas clipping feature and sharing

Here, what interests us, is the new Clipping feature :

I set the name of the function for the menu bar, for example « Snapshot & Share ».

Here is the result :

Aquafadas Clipping Feature Tuto

The reader can freely crop the area of page to capture, and then :

  • either send the image captured in the photos of the device
  • or send the image by e-mail
  • or share directly via FaceBook or Twitter.

Indeed this is just an image of the page, a screenshot, but it allows to share the content directly.

I go back in the menu bar settings panel: it’s not new but little-known : we can add remarkable and very useful functions :

– Search: a real search function, extremely useful in the case of a catalog for example.

Capture d’écran 2015-01-18 à 09.23.50

– Bookmark: you can create as many bookmarks you want and find them then.

– Notes: the user can take notes on any page and find them at any time.

Capture d’écran 2015-01-18 à 09.21.33Capture d’écran 2015-01-18 à 09.21.42

– We can also add separators spaces between the different menus.

– We can organise the order of functions by sliding them.

– Finally rename functions more meaningful than the default…, choose the colors, or may prefer an
icon instead of the text.

– We can set that the menu bar is always visible, transparent or not, in the color and thickness as desired.

It is very important to be able to set the menu bar of a publication. This allows to customize, allows to manage the ergonomics for the reader, and allows us today to capture and social-sharing the content.

Very good surprise proposed by Aquafadas!

Vincent Suzat

Vincent Suzat

Conseil en développement de projets print & Digital. Formateur Digital et print chez Ziggourat Formation, Esten Sup'Edition, Ecole des Gobelins. Rédacteur et co-fondateur d'ElectricNews.

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