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With the beta version already available for testing and the general release date set for fall, the latest Apple iOS update for iPhone and iPad will bring along some improvements and enhancements. Aquafadas is ready to be fully compatible with iOS 9 on its release. Let’s see what’s in store for the update…

Introduced at the WorldWide Developers Conference on June 8, the main features for iOS 9 surround a smarter Siri, enhanced Apple maps and improved multitasking functionalities for iPad. For publishers, the biggest change relates to Apple News, which replaces the Newsstand and gives greater visibility to publications. Another improvement is to the search functionality, with a deeper search range within apps and bringing up your most recent views that relate to your keywords.

So, if you’re publishing apps using the Aquafadas Digital Publishing System, no need to worry! The architecture of the content container apps used by digital publishing platforms can be updated simultaneously, publishers using these tools for app creation will be iOS 9 compliant without any additional steps.

Aquafadas system will adopt various new features from iOS 9, including publishing to Apple News and improved search as mentioned above. Simply download the latest version of Aquafadas AppFactory to update your applications.

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