BeeDocs présente sa nouvelle version de Timeline3D.

Timeline3D est un outil intéressant pour créer des Timelines de qualité, à l’aide d’une interface moderne et souple.

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Le résultat peut être une vidéo, un keynote ou powerpoint, ou surtout un WebGL, permettant l’intégration Web totalement en 3D dynamique.

What’s New in v5 (Mac)

Timeline 3D v5 for Mac is a completely new version of Timeline 3D, redesigned from scratch for the new generation of Apple devices. Here are some of the new features:

  • Optimized interface and timeline presentations for retina displays.
  • Added auto-save and versioning.
  • New document format optimized for iCloud syncing.
  • Smarter date parsing, especially for Asian languages.
  • Manual control of font and image sizes replaced by auto-layout.
  • Auto-layout will automatically format your timeline for a single page.
  • “Allow Information Hiding” can intelligently trim your notes and media to keep the text readable on complex timelines.
  • Date range formatting is smarter for international dates.
  • Ability to have a timeline localization different from your system localization.
  • Handles time zone changes automatically without changing date display.
  • Separate themes for screen display and printing.
  • Printing uses font weights instead of alpha shading for crisp text.
  • Movie, slideshow, and image sequence export sizes up to 4k.
  • 3D timelines can be displayed within a window (or full screen).
  • Better lighting and animations in 3D mode.
  • Images, PDFs, and movies can be zoomed to full screen during a presentation.
  • Click an event in a 2D presentation to zoom into it with a 3D twist.
  • Search / filter events during a 3D presentation to control which events are highlighted when you press the arrow keys.
  • Replaced event rows with color coding.
  • New “Yosemite style” application icon.
  • Migrated to Apple’s latest frameworks.
  • Mac App Store compatible.
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