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The tools inside of Color Finale are many of the same ones that you’d find in higher-end color suites. Not only do you get traditional color tools like 3-way color wheels and RGB curves, but Color Finale also comes with a simple LUT application tool and a powerful six-channel vector grading tool that allows you to make subtle or drastic changes to any one of six primary chrominance values. With the vector tool, it’s insanely easy to make your skies more vibrant and blue, change the color of a building, or just sweeten up your skin tones.

Color Grading Central Launch Color Finale Pro for FCPX

A big update to a very popular plugin. Denver Riddle from Color Grading Central has announced the launch of Color Finale Pro for Final Cut Pro X. Denver Riddle from Color Grading Central has been the main force behind better colour correction in Final Cut Pro X. He started with a comprehensive set of tutorials for colour correction with FCPX’s internal tools, was the first to offer LUTs and a LUT loader for FCPX and also was the first to offer a true professional colour grading plugin with wheels and curves. Phew! He has been busy.

Watch Color Finale in Action



Color Finale to grade an entire sequence from start to finish

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