Triobo is web-based platform for creating digital publications and single apps. Using online Triobo editor you can create interactive publications for free and pay when you’re ready to publish. Triobo is a leader of Czech digital publishing market.


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Using Triobo you can create and publish digital magazines, single apps, interactive catalogs and brochures on Apple, Android, Amazon App Stores and web. Examples of some Triobo apps you can find on

Triobo reviewTriobo review Triobo review

Pricing options

Triobo offers 3 pricing options:


Triobo is HTML-based online tool and all steps from design to publishing you can do in online Triobo editor.


1. Tools to create basic elements and add files (images, audio, video).

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2. Manage color pallet and paragraph styles. You can add TTF and OTF fonts.


3. Animation panel.


4. Upload files to your publication.

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5. Create buttons.

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Interactive Features

  • Hyperlinks
  • Slideshows
  • Audio and video
  • Scrollable content
  • Image sequences
  • Web-content
  • HTML
  • Animations
  • Sharing

6. You can preview articles on tablets and phones on Triobo Reader. Also you can preview current design on your computer in Triobo editor.

7. You don’t need to download additional app to publish content, publishing function is built-in Triobo editor.


Marketing & Statistics

You can share articles or images on Facebook, Twitter or via e-mail.


You can send scheduled push-notifications to users and choose the group of users who you want to reach (for example, send notification only to users who hasn’t downloaded the last issue).


Detailed issue statistic is available for start and professional pricing plans.


For professional pricing plan is also available detailed article statistics (readers, time-span of articles read, % of articles read).


Triobo’s Pros and Cons


  1. Download sizes of HTML-based publications is much smaller than PDF-based publications. It helps save money on data transfer charges, publication downloads quickly and readers do not overfill the memory of their devices.
  2. Pay when you ready to publish.
  3. No coding.
  4. Triobo has WYSIWYG editor (What You See Is What You Get).
  5. Texts remain as texts (not pictures), so they are available to search engines.
  6. Optimisation for different screen sizes.
  7. Knowledge base on
  8. Scheduled push notifications.
  9. Regular updates and realises of new features.
  10. Social sharing.
  11. Voucher / coupons for subscribers.
  12. Readers can view publication in browser (example), SEO-friendly web export.
  13. Multiple user cooperation.
  14. Fast preview on the screen (takes a few second).
  15. Private content including a password.
  16. Detailed issue statistics for start and professional, and detailed article statistics for professional plan.
  17. Triobo supports multi-language publications (example).
  18. Partially charged single-apps (part is for free, remainder of the article after payment).


  1. Unusual interface for people familiar with the Adobe products.
  2. To create more sophisticated elements users have to use InDesign / Photoshop .
  3. Users can’t upload vector files / objects.
  4. Triobo supports only basic hotkeys (list of hotkeys).
  5. All web-pages open in an external browser.

Dotyk Magazine

Publisher of most popular Czech tablet magazine Dotyk, Michal Klíma tells why he has chosen platform Triobo over Mag+ and Adobe DPS. 

Michal Klíma, the founder of Tablet Media Publishing House based in Prague, Czech Republic. Tablet Media’s tablet-only magazine DOTYK (The Touch) was awarded The Best in Tablet Publishing in the European Digital Media Awards 2014 organized by World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA).

How long have you been working with Triobo?

We started with Triobo in May last year when we started DOTYK. We also use Triobo for other publications as on-demand magazines which we make for our clients as Regie Radio Music, Erste, KPMG and others.

Pros and Cons of Triobo?

We believe that tablet magazine should fully benefit from possibilities of tablet technology. In Triobo we may quite easily prepare many forms of interactive content, multimedia, infocharts etc.  We do not have to make separate files for iOS and Android. From Triobo editor we export files directly to both platforms not only for tablets but also for smartphones.

Just recently we asked Triobo to focus on deeper statistics and better collaboration with standard measurement systems (as Flurry) which we believe will help to get more detailed information about the behavior of our readers. Also they should improve those functions, which depend on interface with Apple as subscription, and automatic downloads.

The main question.  Who is Triobo’s target audience?(huge publishing houses or corporations or small agencies)?

We publish tablet-only magazines. The fact that in Triobo we can make quite complicated layout without the need of InDesign or similar software makes our life easier. All who are in the same situation may choose Triobo. We even make sophisticated interactive ads in Triobo.  All other publishers can use Triobo as well but they will need to make the new layout. According my opinion nevertheless this is the right way because the layout used from print which is unchanged doesn’t work.

What should publishers take into account when they’re choosing the tool?

Publishers should understand that if they will make their tablet issues from printed magazines they will have to make completely new layout in Triobo, which needs certain amount of  “layouters” work. On the other hand it helps tremendously to make complete new layout, which is most suitable for tablet reading. They also should be ready to make interactive ads themselves. Again they may use static ad (PDF) from the print edition but it will not work. In Triobo they can easily develop ad which will make the advertiser happy because it will be interesting and will attract more readers.

What do you like most about Triobo?

The possibility to make nearly all quite complicated animations without leaving the Triobo editor as well as the fact of fully accessible editor from any computer are tremendous benefits which are highly appreciated by our graphic designers. Last but not least I have to mention that the price is much more reasonable than that of many other tablet publishing systems that offer interactive features. I also appreciate that Triobo listens to our needs and tries to fulfill them quickly.

What do you dislike about it?

Triobo team is small which brings lot of flexibility but also lack of capacities in case there is need to do more things in a short time.

I know before Triobo you used Mag+, why did you decide to change the tool?

We didn’t used Mag+ on regular basis. We just tested several systems at the same time including Mag+. 18 months ago when we were taking about the choice, Mag+ as same as other West based companies, was focused mostly on iOS while we needed full solution also for Android with all different devices which use Android. In our region Android devices are much more widely used than iPads and iPhones. We have selected Triobo because they offer multiplatform solution including the web.

Have you tried other programs?

Well Adobe DPS is obvious solution but its price model is absolutely unusable in our case. With Adobe DPS our costs would rise significantly. We observe other systems as well, the offer is wide but actually nothing to fulfill our needs is so far better than Triobo. Also Triobo gives us great and responsive customer service.

How Triobo analytic helps you?

Analytics are the most essential tool for feedback as well as for selling interactive ads. From the beginning we work with Triobo on the development of statistic tools. Actually we are getting reactive online information about the number of downloads of individual issues on both platforms.  We may sort it and filter it according the time period, number of days from the moment of publishing etc. After the first year of our publishing we had formulated our needs and Triobo promised to develop statistics as well as the implementation of external measuring systems to improve the existing system of statistics and make it even more reliable.

You’re advice to new publishers?

Do tablet publishing. It brings new dimension to your magazines and appealing interactive form makes it more visible. It makes reading magazines more attractive – off course only in case that you want to make the magazine attractive using up the technical potential of current tablets.

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Vincent DROUOT

Vincent DROUOT

Vincent Drouot est formateur diplômé et expert en Digital Publishing pour différents centres de formation professionnelle et écoles d'infographies. Il est partenaire certifié pour les solutions Aquafadas AVE Digital Publishing et Quark App Studio. Il accompagne également les éditeurs de livres, la presse et l'industrie pour leur permettre d'aborder la transition numérique avec plus de perspective et de stratégie. Récemment formé au serveur Quark Publishing Platform, il ouvre de nouveaux horizons pour la publication multi-canal pour permettre la centralisation des données (textes, images, vidéos, audio…) et leur publication en temps réel. Il a aussi développé dernièrement des solutions pour la connexion entre les logiciels de mise en page comme Indesign et QuarkXPress avec les CMS comme WordPress, pour l'édition de magazine dont le contenu est issus des Blogs.

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