v32 Hot Fixes

Support for iOS 10

This release includes the following fixes to improve the appearance of DPS apps in iOS 10. We recommend that you use DPS App Builder to rebuild and resubmit your apps.

  • The Library view title bar no longer has a gray area in the upper right section near the settings icon. (4143672)
  • The navigation bar in folio view is no longer dark gray. (4143673)
  • The sign-in dialog is no longer transparent and unusable. (4143674)
  • Inline video with no controller no longer shows the play button blip at the end. (4143774)
  • The TOC menu in the Free Preview window now appears properly. (4143768)
  • The Favorites menu is no longer too transparent. (4143735)
  • The folio cover preview background in library view is no longer too transparent. (4143733)
Valéry Girou

Valéry Girou

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