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With the higher-end models comes a higher price tag: $649 unlocked for the Nexus 6, and $399 for the Nexus 9. The price of the Nexus 6 has seen the most discussion after the $350 price tag of the Nexus 5, but consider the Nexus 6’s closest competitor: the 5.7-inch Note 4 goes for about $840 unlocked.

The Nexus 6

Like the Note series before it, Google is pushing to design a product that is more of an Internet browsing device than a smartphone. We only got to play with the devices for about 15 minutes, so we’ll have to see how we feel about the size once we get one in for review. (…) Over the years, we’ve had the « that’s way too big » conversation a million times with Android phones. At first 4.7-inch devices were considered huge, then 5.3-inches, 5.5-inches, and 5.7-inches all became the new « too big » size. As anyone with a big phone will tell you though, spend some time with a large device and the « it’s too big » feeling quickly fades, and everything else becomes « too small. »

The Nexus 9

The more interesting hardware is the Nexus 9, the first tablet HTC has built in several years. We’re not sure why the company stopped, because this is one of the nicest Android tablets we’ve ever used. The 4:3 device has an all-glass front and an aluminum frame, and the same hard matte plastic back as the Nexus 6. While it’s not as thin as an iPad Air 2 (7.9mm versus 6.1mm), it is 12 grams lighter, which is the more important stat for a tablet.

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