Introduction of Origami Xchange, the mobile CMS, created a hub for all customers to manage their App’s and documents. Origami Xchange now is Channels, with the ability to seamlessly share content with clients and your team. You can create highly interactive documents and share them privately or broadcast it to the world.

Fully support Android and iOS phones and tablets. Android engine is 95% compatible with all of the great features available on iOS.



Build and manage your mobile app and content in a single tool. Then publish to both Apple iTunes and Google Android Store.



Track the user experience to and help guide your marketing and design decisions. With a comprehensive suite of metrics geared toward content and functionality statistics you can analyze the parameters relevant to your product. Origami Engine provides tools for a 360° marketing solution with automated push notifications, gift codes, user accounts and social media integration.



Help users find your app and share it with others. Origami Engine offers a unique solution that allows users to share the content in your app, not just the app itself. We support Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Fluent in 28 languages

Origami Engine is, out of the box, supporting 23 languages, three writing directions and innumerable alphabets.



The whole system is built around IAP’s.

What’s new ?

  • This is an all new Origami Design, much of the code has been updated and redeveloped.
  • Support for Origami ID sign up and sign in.
  • Support for iPhone.
  • Support for Android Phone and Android Tablet.
  • All new integration with Origami Xchange.
  • Publishing functionality for uploading to a Channel or App.
  • Complete rebuild of framation code.
  • Support for logging in and publishing to multiple organizations.
  • More complete support for localization and languages.
  • Major performance improvements.
  • Fixed multiple bugs connected to crashes on save.
  • Introduced In-App-Purchase Widget.
  • Fixed bugs connected to trigger inspector performance
  • New splash screen graphics.
  • Fixed issues with tabbing through X, Y, height, width parameters.
  • Add ability to keep track of triggering hidden objects.
  • Fixed color palette compatibility issues with OS X 10.8+
  • Fixed all memory leaks.
  • Fix bug with object numbering.
  • Fixed bugs with copy/paste slowing down Origami Design.
  • Embedding of font files in OED.
  • Support for type object exporting to Android.
  • Origami Design now auto registers itself with Origami Xchange.
  • Additional performance and stability bugs fixed.



Valéry Girou

Valéry Girou

D.A. / DIGITAL / WEB / PRINT / Co-fondateur du site ELECTRICNEWS.fr / Consultant & Formateur Digital / Web / Print

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7 janvier 2016 1 h 39 min

Ça pique un peu côté tarifs! Par contre, c’est… comment dire… vraiment une GROSSE mise-à-jour!! Vous l’avez testé?

Electric Valéry
7 janvier 2016 9 h 00 min
Reply to  Quétel

LA nouveauté est vraiment l’export Androïd. Pour les tarifs ca n’est pas non plus délirant. 3588$ pour 12 apps sur 1 an avec Origami Exchange et mises à jour illimitées. On est dans les clous de ce qui se fait actuellement. Chez Aquafadas, le Pro Pack à 3600€ comprend : 1 application avec 12 parutions, push, analytics, enrichissements premium du Plug-in. Pour ce prix on a l’export Android et HTML…

7 janvier 2016 9 h 29 min

En effet, on est dans les clous. Si la qualité des enrichissements disponibles sur iPad est au rendez-vous sur Android, on peut même dire qu’on est gagnant… Ca donne vraiment envie de tester tout ça à fond! Par contre, côté export html5 n’est disponible pour le moment chez Origami?

Electric Valéry
7 janvier 2016 9 h 41 min
Reply to  Quétel

Origami Engine est assez hallucinant au niveau créa… J’ai retrouvé la même sensation de liberté chez Pandasuite. A ma connaissance pas d’export HTML non

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