Your digital images are just too good to be trapped beneath the screen of your mobile phone. With the Instant Lab, you can transform a digital image on your iPhone or iPod Touch into a real analog instant photograph – in the classic square frame made famous by Polaroid™.


The Instant Lab doesn’t need fancy electronics, LCDs or firmware. The Impossible Project smartphone app takes care of editing, cropping, setting the proper exposure times, and even scanning your instant photos.

The Instant Lab isn’t a printer. It’s a camera. It exposes real analog instant photos from your smartphone to Polaroid-format film via a photographic process involving light, optics and chemicals. And yet it’s so simple to use, it’s almost genius. Load the Instant Lab with Color or B&W Film for Impossible Cameras, or Color or B&W 600 film. Expand the Instant Lab’s tower until it clicks into place. Follow the in-app instructions and place your smartphone face down on the cradle at the top of the tower. When your phone lights up, pull out the dark slide. The app exposes your photo on the film. When the light goes off, slide the dark slide back into the camera body, then eject your finished photo. Now all you have to do is wait until it develops.

Compatible with iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5/5S, iPod Touch 4th & 5th generation.

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