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On February 1st, Twixl media reshuffled its product portfolio and switched to a subscription model. In terms of cost, this means lower prices to start using our products.

We now offer subscription models for App Store publishing (iPad, Android & Kindle Fire) andEnterprise publishing (iPad only).

Customers looking to distribute content in the App Stores, now have the following yearly subscription options:

  • Twixl Publisher Single
    Publish unlimited single-issue apps
  • Twixl Publisher One Multi
    Publish one multi-issue app as well as unlimited single-issue apps
  • Twixl Publisher Unlimited Multi
    Publish unlimited single- and multi-issue apps

The One Multi and Unlimited Multi subscriptions include access to the Twixl Distribution Platform and support the use of in-app purchases and subscriptions, sending push notifications, and also allow PDF content to be displayed in your kiosk, in addition to Twixl’s own enriched publications.

For the Enterprise, we offer 2 deployment models:

  • Twixl Publisher Enterprise Cloud
    Includes Twixl Publisher and one Twixl Enterprise Kiosk app, where the content is hosted on Twixl media servers
  • Twixl Publisher Enterprise Server
    Includes Twixl Publisher and an unlimited number of self-hosted Enterprise Kiosk apps

Access to tablet publishing is now more affordable than ever, e.g. publish one multi-issue appin different App Stores for a yearly subscription of € 1.750 / $2,400 (includes 5.000 downloads).

The entry-level Twixl Publisher Enterprise Cloud starts at € 1.950 / $2,750 yearly for 5 users.

Valéry Girou

D.A. / DIGITAL / WEB / PRINT / Co-fondateur du site / Consultant & Formateur Digital / Web / Print

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