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Annotations for Android

Within digital books, magazines and documents, a popular feature for readers is the ability to add notes or allocate bookmarks. The personalized annotations can then be synchronized between multiple devices. This useful enrichment has now been enhanced for Android, with cross-platform synchronization with iOS devices.

The feature is available for PDF replica.

Further improvements you can find in version 3.6 for Android

Optimized Kiosk: The Kiosk Kit database access has now been enhanced to allow for faster magazine display.

Sub-layouts: Improvements include easier viewing of hidden enrichments in sub-layouts, as well as modifications to download and pre-load management for multiple sub-layouts in order to improve page display.

Action Bar Customization: Modification and personalization has been made simpler, and is available directly in AppFactory.

Google Play Services: Now integrated into the app along with further Android SDK improvements.

Bug fixes for the digital publishing system

  • Full compatibility for Amazon submission.
  • Settings pop-up.
  • Webview orientation in full screen.
  • Webview contextual action bar appearing following a swipe
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