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Petit communiqué d’ADOBE qui indique une compatibilité de sa DPS avec la beta actuelle d’iOS 9… On se rappelle le petit moment de solitude de la mise à jour d’iOS 8 qui faisait planter systématiquement les apps compilées avec la DPS au moment de la sortie du nouveau système…

DPS iOS 9 Support

« Adobe is actively testing DPS apps with the beta versions of iOS 9. We are committed to addressing any compatibility issues we find with existing Digital Publishing Suite applications. Any fixes for these issues will be released publicly prior to iOS 9 general availability.

We have not identified any issues with current DPS applications and iOS 9 beta, but are continuing to test with each beta release.

We encourage customers with existing DPS apps to install the iOS 9 beta build and evaluate their applications on it. Please contact Adobe Tech Support if you encounter any issues. »

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