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Il existe de multiples protocoles de communication entre applications, permettant le contrôle et l’échange de données via le réseau. Le protocole Open Sound Control (OSC) est probablement le plus répandu actuellement dans les logiciels de musique et pour les arts numériques, et figure comme un des successeurs du MIDI. Il permet non seulement d’envoyer des chiffres, mais aussi du texte et d’autres types de données. OSC est un format de messages qui permet d’envoyer des informations entre des synthétiseurs, des applications et des appareils spécialisés. Pour être transmis, ces messages peuvent utiliser les protocoles réseaux TCP ou UDP. L’UDP est le plus utilisé grâce à sa rapidité et sa fluidité. (Source)


We are very excited to tell you that OSC now is available in your newly updated Origami Design! OSC or Open Sound Control is a content format for messaging among computers, sound synthesizers, and other multimedia devices that are optimized for modern networking technology. The feature is currently being used by the Norwegian National Company of Contemporary Dance for their 25th anniversary performance during Festspillene in Bergen. They have made the iPad into a controller for the visitors to choose elements to project to the 20 meter long video screen and sound environment. It makes for a truly interactive experience! We’ll post a video of it once it is live.

To use Origami Design for sending OSC messages is quite easy, but it does require knowledge about the receiving technology. It is implemented as a universal trigger object and can be added as a general trigger or used in a scrollable. This feature will be great for making installations, in exhibitions, learning environments, museums etc. See more on how here.

This OSC feature will eventually be sold as a premium widget inside the tool, but for yet another couple of months it will be available for all OD users to test with no extra cost. Remember to update your Origami View in the App Store as well.

Valéry Girou

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