Origami Engine is a publishing platform that lets you design, prototype and publish exciting interactive iPad publications without writing a single line of code. Use the iPad as your mouthpiece to connect with people in ways you can’t with any other medium. With Origami Engine you can utilise the power of touch technology to tell your story – be it a book, a magazine, a report, or something completely new.

Written from the ground up to take advantage of all core features in Apple’s iOS, Origami Engine handles all elements in close connections with key technology on the iPad, like video and 3D hardware acceleration. This gives the reader a smooth experience and allows designers and publishers to dream of new ways to use these technologies.

Katachi Media was founded in March 2010. A belief in Apple’s new iPad and its ability to truly change publishing inspired us to try and make the best interactive magazine in the world. We developed Origami Engine™, a Mac OS desktop application that allows designers to realize amazing iPad publications without ever having to relate to code. For more about our magazine and us: katachimag.com

Valéry Girou

Valéry Girou

D.A. / DIGITAL / WEB / PRINT / Co-fondateur du site ELECTRICNEWS.fr / Consultant & Formateur Digital / Web / Print

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