ScientiaMobile publishes MOVR (Mobile Overview Report) to provide the mobile Web community with timely information about device usage trends. MOVR focuses on smartphone, tablet and feature phone usage, drawn from a sample of our internal data sources averaging over 1 billion hits per month. Please download the MOVR report and source data to analyze trends about mobile devices, their capabilities, and other shifts in device usage.

The information in this report is based on a representative sample of a larger data set. The sample size is 5.2 billion requests from April 2014 to end of December 2014.

MOVR focuses on mobile devices, consisting of smartphones, tablets, and feature phones.

ScientiaMobile uses its WURFL products to collect and analyze the device intelligence contained in the MOVR report. WURFL is a Device Detection Repository (DDR) that integrates an API and XML to provide an always-updated source for detecting devices and their capabilities.


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