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Members of the Project Comet Product Management team ,Andrew Shorten, Tom Krcha and Demian Borba

Building Project Comet: Evolving Onboarding

« A side effect of working on a product is knowing all the intimate details of how to achieve success. For us, we could design and prototype with our eyes closed as self-made Project Comet power users. This knowledge starts to work against you when making assumptions for onboarding experiences; it becomes much more difficult to differentiate between the obvious and the hard to find. »


« To combat our own assumptions, we dissected the customer journey into a series of behavior maps to understand that success is not necessarily linear. What if someone tries to make a prototype without creating artwork? What if someone tries to share a prototype without adding any interactive elements? By breaking down all the nuances of conditions it was clear a popup saying, “Hey, make a prototype!” isn’t going to cut it. »

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