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Twixl Publisher allows you to produce tablet applications fully independently – from design to publishing in the app stores. Twixl Publisher is a publishing solution that takes projects from InDesign to tablets. Specifically, it is a combination of a stand-alone (mac os x) application and a plug-in for Adobe InDesign CS5-6-CC that converts and exports traditionally created documents into interactive reader applications for Tablets. Twixl Publisher makes it possible to translate print designs into digital designs by integrating interactive content such as photo slide shows, audio, video, HTML5 animations and more into a seamless tablet blend.


Twixl Publisher makes it possible for designers to translate InDesign files into tablet apps and it can be used for a great variety of sectors and application domains. Magazines are an obvious application, but Twixl Publisher can also be used for sales presentations, annual reports, newsletters, brand magazines, manuals, brochures, data sheets and more.


Twixl Publisher is based on our philosophy of ease of use, simplicity and intuition. We put the user and the user experience at the heart of your solution. That is being reflected in every word, pixel and button. Our three-step model ‘Design, Build and Publish’ is the fastest and easiest way to an enticing interactive reader’s experience.


Independent publishing means our customers are 100% in control of their application. They can publish as much as they want without extra fees. They do not have to publish their content on our servers to create their app. Once the design is ready for publication, they publish directly to the app stores or within their own Enterprise network.


Our pricing is as transparent and easy as our product. We provide our customers a state of the art solution and all the support they need for a one-time license fee. There is no extra cost to publish except for the cost of creating the app itself. To make it even easier, we provide a free ‘Twixl Publisher Explore’, that allows users to develop and test apps in-house. So you can experience for free how our solution works.

Valéry Girou

D.A. / DIGITAL / WEB / PRINT / Co-fondateur du site / Consultant & Formateur Digital / Web / Print

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