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New Interactive Enrichments for e-Learning and Digital Training

Aquafadas has just launched a whole new set of interactive quiz enrichments to let you better engage your readers and learners.

You can select from a range of preset quizzes, or create custom-designed ones to best suit your needs. Whether you’re an educator, corporate trainer or a publisher looking to offer more than static content, these enrichments allow your readers to get more hands-on with your digital apps. All these enrichments are available with Aquafadas’ plugin for Adobe InDesign.

With the new update, we also give you the power to create surveys, allowing publishers to better track the effectiveness of their apps.



Add preset quizzes to your digital education content

You can add preset quizzes such as multiple choice, true/false and free text. All you have to do is write the question, determine the answer, and the quiz is created automatically.

Depending on how you want the student to use the materials, you can choose to set a time limit and whether to show the correct answer to allow students to track their progress.

Thanks to Tin Can xAPI Communication, data from completed quizzes is sent to the LRS platform, allowing teachers to create reports and evaluate their students in real-time.

The benefits of digital over print are evident but we all know how useful it is to make notes in the margins and fold over pages when studying. That’s why Aquafadas has included the ability for students to do this with their digital textbooks.

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