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Origami Engine is a publishing solution for creating interactive publications for the iPad. It consists of Origami Design, a design software for Mac; Origami View, a viewer for the iPad

Introduction to Origami Design

This is a basic tutorial given a overview of some of the features and workflow in Origami Design. It covers the basic concepts, interface and objects used in the system.

Origami Design tutorial — UI Basics

This Origami Design tutorial covers the toolbar, the inspector, layers, and assets. Learn to customise your toolbar, set X&Y coordinates, handle colours, background and object length and width, opacity and more.

Origami Design tutorial — Page Settings

In this Origami Design tutorial we cover all the basics of a page: how to set title and subtitle, handle tags and categories, the difference between page states, how to change page order and more.

Origami Design tutorial — Document Settings

How to enter a Document Name, Thumbnail & Description, toggle page numbering on or off, add languages and, handle your assets

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