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No more complicated exports or data handling with ePub files.
Create your own eBooks for free with only one click right from
the cloud or your computer, and start publishing with Liberio. 0Publish for education, design or just for fun We want to make the publishing of eBooks easy for everyone. No matter if you are a teacher, student, designer, artist, engineer or tinkerer, creating and publishing your own books is now only a push of a button

Liberio for Teachers

Create course materials for your students, publish your own books about your field of expertise or use Liberio as a platform to publish student essays. There’s so much knowledge to share – Now you can, for free, with one click!

Liberio for Creatives

Write and publish your own essays, novels, poems or create a collection of your best artwork. Share your stories, knowledge and ideas with others around the world. Liberio makes it super easy to create beautifully unique books.

Liberio for Engineers

Create technical manuals, write scientific papers or publish transcripts of conference talks. Easy import and processing of Markdown and LaTex with Liberio’s one click publishing lets you share your work with everyone, for free.


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Valéry Girou

Valéry Girou

D.A. / DIGITAL / WEB / PRINT / Co-fondateur du site ELECTRICNEWS.fr / Consultant & Formateur Digital / Web / Print

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  • <h2>Liberio introduces revolutionary eBook pricing for self-publishers</h2>

    Since the launch of our eBook to go packages, many of you have purchased them, prepared your upcoming eBooks for publishing, and are already selling them on platforms like iBooks, Amazon, Google Play Books and more.

    Self-publishing can be an expensive ordeal, at $90 alone for a single ISBN, the price to publish your work already burns holes through your pocket, often in exchange for sub-par quality output with other products. We know how pricey it gets paying for an editor, designer and marketing to ensure the publishing of your eBook is successful.

    So, Liberio is doing something no other eBook publishing platform has done before: As of today, we’re dropping the cost of our “eBook to go” package to $9—a twenty dollar decrease from the regular price. Making it simple and affordable for you to publish and sell your stories, knowledge and ideas on your own, is Liberio’s promise to our users. (…)

    In case you missed it, the eBook to go package includes a number of self-publishing necessities:

    1 ISBN – Needed to upload to major platforms like iBooks, Amazon, etc.

    Minisite – Sales page with the author and eBook’s info, linking to platforms where you sell the eBook

    Personal Branding – Option to remove Liberio branding and add your own or a publishing house

    Absolute Freedom – We take zero of the profit from your sales

    For those of you who purchased the eBook to go at $29, we’ve already refunded you the difference to the card you purchased it with.


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