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Importer un SVG avec Photoshop

Fonction native avec Fichier > Ouvrir

Résultat : une image pixellisée.

Importer un SVG avec SVG Layer

Résultat : des calques vectoriels éditables 🙂

SVG Layer

Need proper SVG support in Photoshop? SVG Layers lets you import SVG files as editable vector layers and export clean SVGs directly from Photoshop. Using SVGs becomes much easier when you don’t have to leave Photoshop to change a color or adjust a few shapes. Instead, edit the SVG directly in the context of your design and when you’re done editing you can export back to SVG as proper scalable vectors.

Key Features

  • Import SVG files as editable vector layers
  • Edit SVGs directly in Photoshop
  • Export clean and scalable SVG files
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