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1. Compatibility

Our preliminary testing of the latest beta versions of iOS 9 have shown that publications created with Twixl Publisher 4.1 and up are working properly – while there may still be changes by the time the final release becomes available, we don’t expect any issues here.

2. R.I.P. Newsstand

With iOS 9, which is expected to become available later this fall, the Newsstand app will no longer be available. Instead, all existing Newsstand apps will be in a newly created folder, Newsstand, which will appear on the Home screen.
Individual issue in-app purchases as well as subscription in-app purchases for your publication will continue to work. Background downloads will also continue to work and existing subscriptions won’t be affected.

Things you may want to examine by the time iOS 9 is released:

Category name

Apps currently in the Newsstand category will automatically move to a new category called Magazines & Newspapers. Your primary category won’t change. If you prefer a different category for your app, you’ll be able to change categories when you submit a new app version after iOS 9 becomes available.

App icon

Current Newsstand apps will no longer display custom Newsstand cover art or per-issue art in iOS 9. Instead, they’ll just display their standard app icon. Make sure your app icon scales well to all sizes and is easy to read.

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