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Vous aussi, vous l’entendez à longueur de journée cette petite phrase ? Pourquoi une application mobile alors que j’ai déjà un site web ? Un petit article sur le blog de Twixl donne quelques arguments pour défendre les spécificités d’une application mobile face à un site web responsive.

How important is mobile?

If you were not already aware, since 2014 there are more mobile devices on the market than desktops. In April 2015 Google reported that mobile search queries had overtaken desktop queries. The consumption of online video content is now higher on mobile devices than on desktops and the time spent on digital media is now significantly higher at 51% compared to 42% for desktops.

So it is not a question whether mobile is worth the investment but whether your approach should be mobile first or not!

Are mobile device users using apps or their browser?

Well, they spend 90% of their time using apps and only 10% using their browser. So why would you want to focus on those 10% when you can be part of the 90%?

What level of engagement are you looking for?

What kind of relationship are you looking for with your readers/customers? An occasional one or an engaged one? Do you want to offer just a web site or do you want the icon or your app/brand on their home screen? If you are trying to get that kind of relationship and want your readers to engage with you by putting your own brand icon on their tablet or smartphone, then you need an app.

Users spend 18x more time on a native app than on a mobile website. Aided awareness, and brand favorability is twice as high on mobile than on desktops, the purchase intent and the likelihood to recommend is three times higher with mobile users than with desktop users.

Clearly this is a captive and engaged audience. With a mobile app you can strengthen your relationship with existing customers, tie them to your brand, encourage them to spend more money and you can turn them into brand ambassadors!

On the other hand, you also need a mobile website to reach new users, because statistics have shown that mobile sites reach 2,7 times more users than mobile apps. So even though you need a mobile website to introduce what you have to offer, you need the mobile app after that.

Native apps are faster and just work more fluently than a website within a browser.


Valéry Girou

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