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in5 converts Abobe® InDesign® layouts into an open format known as HTML5. Because the output is in an open format, the files that are produced are yours to adjust and post wherever you like. There are no restrictions or monthy fees required to continue using your files.

Ajar Productions is the animation and software studio of Justin Putney and AJ Petersen (husband and wife, respectively). Our primary goal is to create and contribute to entertaining and intelligent animation, games and motion design. As animators and designers we’ve learned through experience that design and animation involve bouts of tedious work that can stunt the creative process. We enjoy finding ways to make creative tasks simpler and faster.

How does in5 compare to other InDesign export tools?

Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) is a technology introduced by Adobe in InDesign CS5.5 (and retroactively in CS5) to export interactive designs to tablet devices. in5 is similar to DPS in that it allows designers to create interactive experiences without requiring the help of a developer…

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