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La version 3.3 de Pucoder apporte le support du dark mode sur Mojave, l’introduction du nouveau reader (expérimental) avec une update du format XPUB qui passe en version 2, et une amélioration des performance globales.

The new reader technology will enable us to improve XPUB further and add new features to it more easily in the future, and you will see the benefits when viewing your publications on mobile devices on PubReader, Shelf, and iOS or Android native apps.

If you want to give it a try, you can do this by going to the XPUB tab in your project settings and turning on option Use XPUB 2 (EXPERIMENTAL). This really is experimental, and many things will still not work, but you will be able to send your project to PubReader (version 2.1 or later required, already available from App Store and Google Play) on your mobile device and have a taste of the future of PubCoder publications.

Voir la liste des principales améliorations de la version 3.3.

  • Dark Mode support for macOS 10.14 Mojave
  • Improved stage precision when resizing objects and snapping to guides
  • Improved QR-codes legibility when sharing previews over Wi-Fi
  • Improved application launch time on macOS by loading provisioning profiles and codesign identities only when needed
  • Improved overall UI speed on Windows
  • Added Project Menu entries and keyboard shortcuts for Project custom code
  • EPUB Compiler now correctly checks that Java JDK is installed to perform validation on Mac
  • Read Aloud Audio Generation now creates MP3 file instead of MP4 on Mac
  • Overall stability and performance improvements
Valéry Girou

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