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What is mixed reality and how does it work?

Mixed Reality is a significant advancement of Augmented Reality (AR) – the technology behind 2016’s Pokémon Go phenomenon. Mixed Reality experiences promise to be a genuinely transformational technology.

In a “hybrid” environment, interactive virtual objects can be mapped to the physical environment, seamlessly blending the real and the virtual. Microsoft’s HoloLens is the best example of MR to date, and Magic Leap’s to-be-determined offering will help further define the category.

Whilst the core premise of both AR and MR is similar, the crucial difference is the underlying technology. Mixed Reality is (for the moment, at least) headset-based, whereas AR is viewed through a flat-screen such as a smartphone or tablet. Mixed Reality is also aware of the geometry of the environment around you – using it as the canvas for you to create immersive content that is defined by the space you are in.


Thyssenkrupp transforms the delivery of home mobility solutions with Microsoft HoloLens

thyssenkrupp’s mission in providing mobility solutions is to help people overcome physical limitations. A home mobility solution is a particularly personal product; it becomes a part of the customer’s home, and it’s a tool that preserves their ability to maintain independence and have full access to their space. The decision to invest in a mobility solution can be difficult – it goes beyond financial tradeoffs, encompassing as well the emotional impact of changing abilities. Removing obstacles from the process helps turn a potentially uncomfortable customer experience into one that is quick and easy, thereby increasing the percentage of accounts that move forward.

Microsoft HoloLens Agency Readiness Partner Program expands to Europe

As more companies understand the benefits and deploy HoloLens and mixed reality, they are looking for a broad set of choices to help build and deploy mixed reality applications.  The good news is there are several ways they can get started. They can build applications themselves (using tools like our SDK), they can work with Microsoft directly (by being part of our Enterprise Acceleration Program), they can use off-the-shelf solutions like SketchUp Viewer and Skype for HoloLens, or they can work with HoloLens Agency Readiness Partners.

World-famous architect sees his buildings recreated using HoloLens

World-famous architect Paulo Mendes da Rocha has expressed his delight after Microsoft and Trimble helped to recreate some of his most well-known buildings using HoloLens.

The 88-year-old Brazilian said it was “fantastic” that he could see his creations using Microsoft’s mixed-reality headset, which places computer-generated holograms in the real world.

Mendes da Rocha’s designs were recreated using Trimble’s SketchUp, before being uploaded to SketchUp Viewer for HoloLens, the first commercial app for HoloLens available via the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft HoloLens transforms how you work with 3D data.

Transforming design and construction

Trimble’s groundbreaking innovations help architecture and construction industry professionals do their jobs better. See how Microsoft HoloLens extends Trimble tools, bringing 3D models to life as full-scale holograms, and creating new ways to communicate and collaborate with remote teams across the globe.

See into the future of product design

Microsoft HoloLens and Autodesk Fusion 360 are helping improve collaboration across the entire product development process, enabling engineers and designers to iterate together in real-time. Faster prototyping, more confident decisions, and more efficient cooperation are the future of product design.

Defining the future of car discovery

Volvo Cars is renowned for safety, design, and its Swedish vision of luxury. Volvo puts people at the center of everything it does. From giving customers a sensor’s vantage point to configuring cars in entirely new ways, Microsoft HoloLens brings its cutting edge car features to life in ways never before possible.

Flightdeck – Microsoft HoloLens & Red Bull Air Race



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